Why Organic?

Northumbrian Quality Meats are committed to providing the consumer with the very finest range of organic beef and lamb available today.

By farming organically we believe that we are providing the finest product to you the customer, whilst maintaining the balance of nature which has evolved hand in hand over generations of natural, traditional farming methods.

Quite simply, organic food is produced in harmony with the environment without the use of unnecessary chemicals such as herbicides, insecticides or pesticides.

  • Animals are fed on a completely natural diet free from genetically modified organisms.
  • Animal health and welfare is paramount, by farming in a traditional extensive way, the livestock feed and grow at a natural, healthy pace which goes to ensure a superior end product
  • Each and every product sold by Northumbrian Quality Meats is covered by not one, but TWO guarantees – Our complete Satisfaction Guarantee & our 100% guarantee of traceability.

The labelling of organic food is strictly controlled. Only producers who can demonstrate their commitment to producing healthy, high quality stock without the use of harmful and manmade chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides and insecticides can officially be classed as Organic producers.

In the UK, one of the most prestigeous bodies responsible for maintaining and regulating the classification of organic food producers is the Soil Association. Those producers which meet the strict standards laid down by the Soil Association are able to promote their products alongside the organisations logo. Anyone wanting more in-depth details on organic food generally can get more information by visiting their website.