The Region

“In Northumberland alone, both heaven and earth are seen; We walk all day on long ridges, high enough to give far views of moors and valley and the sense of solitude far below…….
It is the land of far horizons..”
George Macaulay Trevelyan.

Northumberland is the most northern of England’s counties. today it is a region famed for its natural beauty and its diversity of wildlife.

Yet things were not always so tranquil in these high hills. Running along the border between England and Scotland, 400 years ago, these beautiful hills were in a region known as the “Debatable Lands” and were lawless areas constantly raided by bands of outlaws and bandits known as the Border Reivers.

Although the physical appearance of the countryside has changed little since those bloody days thankfully, the most aggressive thing you’re likely to come across today in the Northumbrian uplands are a pair of squabbling Black Grouse!

A species of native grouse making a dramatic comeback in Britain, thanks in no small part to the dedicated environmental schemes undertaken by farmers and landowners in the region.

It is on this history soaked high ground that Monkridge Hill Farm is situated, and where the herd of Aberdeen Angus cross cows and Blackface sheep graze upon over one hundred species of native grasses, clovers, herbs, and heathers, extensively and naturally…..

Probably in much the same way as they did in the day of the Reivers.