The cattle used by Northumbrian Quality Meats in the production of their Traditionally Matured Organic Beef, are of breeds whose ancestors may well have grazed these high hills generations ago.

Breeds such as Aberdeen Angus and Galloway famed for their hardiness and quality of meat are grazed extensively on the clean, open hills of Northumberland.

Hill Bred Traditionally Matured Organic Beef from Northumbrian Quality Meats comes with our unconditional guarantee of traceability – Allowing you complete and total peace of mind regarding welfare and quality.

The Processing After maturing, the beef is jointed by our highly skilled team of butchers in our custom built cutting room. These facilities were built to the very highest levels of specification. The meat is then placed in the adjoining cold storage room to await delivery.

Traditionally Matured Organic Beef from Northumbrian Quality Meats offers the discerning meat-eater a seasonal treat, bringing back beef the way it used to taste – Natural, Healthy and Delicious.

The Scottish Blackface sheep are a hardy breed whose origin can be traced back to here, the high border regions of Northumberland and Scotland. The breed is also referred to as Scottish Mountain Sheep.

Blackface Lamb is renowned for its sweet flavour and tenderness. It is a naturally lean meat, making it a first choice for the modern consumer.

We also able to offer on a strictly limited basis, premium Heather fed lamb, fed on a diet almost exclusively made up of numerous heather species. This extensive grazing on the high regions of Northumberland gives the meat a totally unique fragrance and flavour. As well as Clover fed lamb, again available on a very limited basis.

Organic Blackface Lamb from Northumbrian Quality Meats is a natural, nutritious and versatile food with the reassurance of our unique total traceability guarantee covering each and every cut.

Traditional English breeds of pigs such as Gloucester Old Spot are organically reared outdoors to produce full flavour pork that simply has to be tasted.

Using traditional English breeds of pig in an such a natural organic environment allows the animals to grow and interact naturally.

The resulting bacon and pork produced from these animals is met with delight from our many repeat customers. Comments such as, “Tastes like bacon used too” are very commonplace.

Try it for yourself!

Available at certain times of the year, Northumbrian Quality Meats can supply the finest organic chickens and poultry and a selection of game, from pheasant to venison.

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If you have any questions at all regarding any of our products or production methods, please don’t hesitate to contact us.